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Rock Hard.

Swanstone is expanding its line of single- and double-bowl quartz-composite kitchen sinks. Thanks to their standard-size proportions (25 by 22 inches and 33 by 22 inches), the fixtures suit both replacement jobs and new construction. Also, they can be used as either undermounts or drop-ins. Quartz composites — a growing product category for kitchen countertops — are extremely hard but don't stain like natural stone and tend to cost less. Swanstone's sinks list at $170 for the single bowl and $225 for the double bowl. Swanstone Corp., 800/325-7008,


Streamline your customers' kitchens by installing an Oliveri single-bowl sink with a Euro-style drainboard. The stainless steel unit comes in both self-rimming and undermount designs with the 16 3/8-inch-wide drainboard on either the right or the left. Overall, the sink and drainboard measure 38 5/8 inches wide and 18 7/8 inches front-to-back; the bowl is 7 3/4 inches deep. The fixture retails for $675. An extra-deep model, the 882, has a 10-inch-deep bowl with a 12-gallon capacity. It measures 383/8 inches by 211/4 inches and costs $750. Tasman Sinkware, 800/449-4401,

Short Division.

One bowl or two? Homeowners can puzzle endlessly over this decision when the time comes to order a kitchen sink. Kohler's Smart Divide fixtures may speed things along. With their half-height dividers, the enameled cast-iron sinks offer most of the advantages of a two-basin design while still making it easy to scrub big pots with long handles. Available in 22 colors in both self-rimming and undermount designs, the units measure 33 inches by 22 inches, with 9-inch-deep basins and 4 1/2-inch-high dividers. A white undermount model is $580; the self-rimming version is $383. Kohler Co., 800/456-4537,

High-Performance Showers

Go Digital.

Do your customers complain they can't keep track of which valve operates which showerhead in their oversized showers? Consider installing Kohler's new DTV digital shower control panel, a programmable replacement for conventional valves that simplifies the use of multihead showers. It supplies as many as eight showerheads, hand showers, and body sprays with a total flow rate of up to 21 gallons per minute; homeowners can program individual shower preferences and activate them at the touch of a button. The device can be installed inside or outside the shower enclosure, either horizontally or vertically. It costs $940. Kohler Co., 800/456-4537,

Handle the Flow.

Add up the body sprays and showerheads in an upscale shower and it's clear just how much water all that fun requires. With high demand in mind, Moen has introduced the 3/4-inch ExactTemp thermostatic valve, which delivers up to 16 gallons per minute without missing a beat. According to Moen, that's enough to handle a showerhead, a hand-held shower, and body sprays at the same time. The company also says the valve delivers predictable and consistent water temperatures: The user simply twists the dial to a temperature setting marked on the trim and turns on the shower. The valve lists for $325. Moen, 800/289-6636,

Easy Upgrade.

With big bathrooms and spa-like amenities more popular than ever, it's no surprise that high-performance showers are topping many wish lists. Too bad the plumbing for these units can get so complicated. Happily, there are exceptions: Hansgrohe promises a no-hassle shower upgrade with the BodyShower, a low-profile panel that uses the same water supply as the existing shower arm. The product's adjustable-height showerhead combines air and water in three separate settings and four adjustable body sprays. Water volume and temperature are controlled by existing valves. The BodyShower lists for $565. Hansgrohe, 800/488-8119,