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Kitchen & Bath


Pro-Style Faucet

. An attractive mix of traditional and commercial styling allows the Melrose 4170-17 CP faucet to fit in a variety of kitchen settings. The pull-down head caps a 30-inch hose extension and switches from aerated stream to spray and back again with fingertip control. The faucet comes in single- and two-handle models; both cost $438 in chrome.




Flow Stopper

. The pull-down nozzle on the Aberdeen faucet is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. A button control switches from stream to spray, while a second button provides a handy pause option for watering with the 30-inch hose. The high-rise design provides clearance under the spout for filling large pots. Available in two-handle ($356) and single-lever ($324) models. (Prices are for the chrome finish.)




Filtered Faucet

. The three handles may make it look like a post-apocalyptic mutation, but the Triflow faucet is a deliberate and sensible step in plumbing evolution. The single-hole-mount faucet's third handle operates an independent waterway that runs through the faucet body. Beneath the sink, a ceramic cartridge filtration unit keeps the chlorine out of the coffee. Available in several models and finishes, the TFT 309 retails for $995, complete.




Stovetop Tap

. The Pot Filler kitchen faucet provides restaurant kitchen convenience home on the range. The double-articulated spout extends a full 26 inches out from the wall to reach the front burners and folds out of the way when not in use. Thirty-five finish options cause the price to range between $500 and $650 — the pewter finish shown costs $571.


Watermark Designs



Luxury Line.

Take your custom-design, frameless glass shower enclosure back to the factory for precise manufacturing and quality control. The Celesta line of 3/8- and 1/2-inch glass enclosures is made available through select plumbing fixture distributors and installed by factory-trained contractors to ensure a level of precision that might not be available from Joe-Bob's Glass 'n' Stuff. For a local distributor and price quote, contact the manufacturer.




Frameless Bypass.

A frameless bypass shower door lends a high-end look to the bathroom at an affordable price. The Paragon Series can be ordered in 1/4-inch tempered glass with through-bolted, solid aluminum towel bars and trim. Finish options include brushed nickel, silver, gold, and white. A 5-foot tub-shower door in 1/4-inch tempered glass lists for $525; a 3/16-inch model lists for $315. Distributors' prices are likely to be lower.


Coastal Industries


Bevel-Free Neo-Angle.

A neo-angle shower enclosure is designed with one purpose in mind — to save space. The trouble is, it also cuts space within the shower. An outswinging door doesn't help matters on the room side, either. The unobtrusive doors of the SEN3636 slide back from center and meet in a continuous, watertight magnetic seal. Available in two nominal sizes, 36x36 and 42x42, the units ship complete with round-front, fiberglass-reinforced acrylic base. List prices start at $1,140 and $1,300, respectively (plus freight), for the unit in standard chrome frame finish. Other finishes are available on request.


RonBow Materials


Lucite Rocks.

The Iridess shower does away with doors, curtains, and glass. Translucent, seamless Lucite acrylic wraps a one-piece, 56x72-inch acrylic base. Projected to be available in January 2004 as part of a full suite of fixtures, the Iridess is expected to retail for around $3,000, with 4 wall color and 16 floor color options.


Clarke Products