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Articles by Clayton DeKorne

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    Toolbox: The Rise of the Inline Saw

    The rise of the inline saw

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    Shopping For Portable Compressors

    We take a close look at hand-held and wheelbarrow models, and sort out the performance differences between single-stage vs. two-stage pumps and oil-less vs. oil-bath types. An explanation of air-delivery ratings and a heads-up on new design features to look for make this article a must-read before...

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    14.4-Volt Cordless Drills

    We put professional-duty 14.4-volt cordless drill/drivers through their paces, including a look at the latest battery technology. This side-by-side comparison will help you make the right choice.

  • Sneak Preview: New Tools for '99

    When it comes to new tools — whether cordless, pneumatic, or good ol’ hand tools — there’s no place like the National Hardware Show in Chicago. Here’s what the major manufacturers unveiled this year.

  • Toolbox: Stud Sensors Come of Age

    Stud sensor comparison

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    Choosing Concrete Anchors

    There’s a concrete anchor for every task, from light-duty applications to heavy structural demands, but selecting the right one can be daunting. We pick through the pile of available fasteners and tell which ones should be used for your particular jobs.

  • 1098fowl

    Shedding Light on Lasers

    If you’re shopping for a laser layout tool but are confused by the variety of products on the market, this article’s for you. We compare cost and performance, and discuss whether a specific type of laser is suitable for the work you do.

  • Toolbox: Air Guns for Steel Framing

    Pneumatic nailers for steel framing

  • Cordless Finish Nailers

    Six months after Paslode released a new Impulse trim nailer, Porter-Cable introduced a hoseless finish nailer of its own — the Bammer. JLC’s tool expert looks at how design differences affect performance, maintenance, and usability.

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    Q&A: Leveling the Transit Base

    Q: It sometimes takes me forever to level the base for my builder’s level. Any tricks?

  • Toolbox: Sweet Trim Guns

    New pneumatic trim nailers

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    Q&A: Painted Plywood Floors

    Q: Can painted plywood be used as both the subfloor and finish floor over 24-inch on-center joists? What thickness would the plywood need to be? Would I need two layers?

  • Toolbox: Simple Self-Leveling Laser

    Self-leveling laser

  • Toolbox: Dustless Drywall Sander

    Dust-free drywall sander

  • Q&A: Roof Venting Basics

    Q: Here in the West, we often build with exposed rafter tails. For attic roof vents, we typically drill three 1 1/2-inch holes through every other soffit block, and install ridge vents. Is this enough ventilation?

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    Q&A: Temporary Bearing Support

    Q: We will soon build an addition to a balloon-framed house. This job calls for opening up one exterior bearing wall. We plan to install the beam flush with the ceiling joists so we have a continuous ceiling plane between the old and new structures. What is the best way to temporarily support the...

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    Q&A: Connecting to Aluminum Wiring

    Q: I recently did some work in a house where the electrician found aluminum wiring. The electrical inspector told us that pigtailing in standard devices with wire nuts was not acceptable. Instead, we must use aluminum-rated devices and special aluminum-to-copper connectors. I checked with the local...

  • Backfill: Please Pass the Butter Firkin Hammer

    Old-time tool talk: Pass the butter firkin, please

  • Toolbox: In-Line Jigsaw

    New Bosch in-line jigsaw

  • Q&A: Do Vapor Barriers Trap Moisture

    Q: Our drywall contractor argues that installing a poly vapor barrier behind the drywall will trap moisture, where it will condense, causing the drywall to degrade. Is there any truth to this claim?

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