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Roe Osborne

Roe Osborn has worked in home building related fields since 1980, and became a Senior Editor for JLC in May of 2013. He specializes in architectural photography and has written two books published by Taunton Press: Framing a House (2010) and Finishing a House (2012). In his spare time, Roe plays bass and sings in several bands, and he creates abstract sculpture. You can see samples of his work at


Blogs by Roe Osborn

  • When Work And Life Overlap

    Roe Osborn admires the fine quality (and eclectic) interior details found in this historic Cape Cod mansion.

  • Digitally-Drawn Facade

    Check it out, urges Roe: New exterior materials "drawn" in a new way.

  • Printing Houses

    Printing a house, I wonder what the local code official and the historical commission would have to say about THAT!

  • Opening Day Quandary

    For many folks who live out here, showering outdoors is a cherished experience from Spring until the first hard freeze, and I have literally been counting the days up to today.

  • Renting the Sun

    For a very minimal down payment, I will have a low fixed price per kWh for the next 20 years—basically renting the sun.

  • Warming up to Energy-Efficient Building

    Savvy builders embrace the changes that will make their houses perform better and be more durable.

  • Staying Warm on the Job

    In my fifteen years as a carpenter, I know that I struggled to keep myself warm working outside in the cold weather.

  • Photography Tip - Zoom Bracketing

    In photography, "Bracketing" is taking a series of the same picture, but changing some aspect of the photo such as exposure, or the zoom angle of the lens as you progress through.

  • Creativity - Maybe the Most Valuable Tool you Own!

    Letting creativity play an active role in your life will only enhance your ability to think creatively in your everyday work.

  • Local Builders’ Associations - What have they done for me lately!

    I discovered one of the most dynamic and energetic groups of like-minded business people I’d ever encountered.


Articles by Roe Osborn