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Sal Alfano

Sal Alfano serves as editor of The Journal of Light Construction (JLC) and editorial director of Hanley Wood's Residential Remodeling Group—Remodeling, ProSales, Replacement Contractor, and Tools of the Trade. Prior to his time at Hanley Wood, Alfano spent over 20 years working as an Independent remodeling contractor in the central Vermont area.


Blogs by Sal Alfano

  • How Many Leads Are Enough?

    The answer may surprise you. Even with qualified leads, you won’t close the sale at every meeting. In this session, we figure out how many gross leads you need to reach a specific revenue target.

  • Do the Math - Qualified Leads

    A low close ratio could signal a sales problem. But it might also mean that you are pursuing too many of the wrong kind of leads. In this session of Do the Math, we look at what makes for a “Qualified Lead” and how you can identify them.

  • Do the Math - Supplier Discounts Revisited

    The original "Supplier Discounts" session of Do the Math caused some confusion around the notion of annualized interest. We clear things up in this segment, which demonstrates why it can make sense to borrow short-term money to get a supplier discount.

  • Do the Math - Tracking Breakeven

    In this session of Do the Math, JLC editor-in-chief, Sal Alfano, takes a closer look at how to track breakeven and sales to make sure you're on track to cover costs and meet your profit goals.

  • Do the Math - Supplier Discounts

    The 2% purchase discount on your supplier invoices might not seem worth the trouble, but on an annualized basis it can be quite significant.

  • Do the Math - Overhead & Profit

    In this segment of Do the Math, we look at two numbers that every contractor needs to understand: Overhead and Profit.

  • Do the Math: Digging a Hole with Discounts

    Think twice before you discount your jobs.

  • Do the Math - The Breakeven Formula

    How much revenue do you need to cover overhead expense? In this installment of ”Do the Math,” we look at the breakeven formula and how it applies to different aspects of your construction business.

  • Do the Math - Are You Charging Enough for Labor?

    There are plenty of ways to lose money in the construction business, but one of the easiest is under-charging for labor. How much you pay an employee and how much you charge for that employee are two very different numbers. In this installment of ”Do the Math,” we look at just how different those...

  • 8N8bvnV3BYI_mqdefault_20140604T225415

    Do the Math - Markup and Margin

    You hear these terms used interchangeably, as if they were the same. As dollar amounts, markup and margin are the same, but as percentages, they're different. In this Business Whiteboard, we'll give you an easy way to visualize how and why they differ, and eliminate any confusion about these two...


Articles by Sal Alfano