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Scott Burt

Scott's writing and paint projects have appeared in numerous magazines over the years, including:

JLC, Tools of the Trade, Architectural Digest, American Painting Contractor, Better Homes and Gardens, New England Home, The Paint Dealer, Cleaner Times

Scott Burt owns Topcoat Finishes, a high end residential paint company in Jericho, Vt. He is the author of the popular "From the Field" column in American Painting Contractor magazine. Scott holds a Masters Degree in Education and a BA in English, and in 2013 co-founded with Todd Pudvar the Prep to Finish paint education program, providing hands on finish training to vocational students, contractors who engage in finishing, and advanced hobbyists. He also blogs prolifically at and

Todd Pudvar and Scott Burt

Todd Pudvar (L) is the Operations Manager. Scott Burt (R) owns Topcoat Finishes.


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