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Fast, Safe, and Accurate Tile Cutting

How to choose and use the right tool for the task


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  • Banks Battle Borrowers Over Chinese Drywall Settlement Money

    People who lost possession of their homes after discovering contaminated Chinese drywall in the buildings now find mortgage holders staking a claim to a share of the payouts from manufacturers of the defective material.

  • Making and Installing Sound-Absorbing Panels

    Coastal Connection visits the Waltham, Mass., shop of New England Soundproofing to see how sound-absorbing panels are made, then comes along to see the panels installed in a busy Italian restaurant in Boston’s North End.

  • Setting Kitchen Cabinets (Subscriber content)

    A guide to problem-free installation




Kitchen, Bath & Interiors


Plumbing & Electrical

  • What's the Best Trade?

    Ttop 200 careers for 2014 rated on income, work environment, stress, and hiring outlook.

  • Rookie Builder Mistakes - Part 1 - Electrical

    Have you ever lost a project because you were too "expensive"? Aren’t the plans and specs the same? How could there be such a difference in price between builders? Matt Risinger explores some reasons why.

  • Setting Kitchen Cabinets (Subscriber content)

    A guide to problem-free installation