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Fast, Safe, and Accurate Tile Cutting

How to choose and use the right tool for the task


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  • Bosch Unveils its Answer to SawStop

    At JLC Live tomorrow, powertool heavyweight, Bosch, will unveil a new jobsite table saw that can't cut-off fingers and doesn't destroy the blade.

  • Makita 18-Volt XT255M 18V LXT Drywall Install Kit

    If you're still plugged into the wall, you might be surprised by how much this cordless drywall router and screw gun improve your productivity.

  • Sealing a South Carolina Crawlspace

    Coastal Connection visits the job site with specialty contractor Energy One America to see a crew install a vapor barrier and perimeter insulation for a conditioned crawlspace.



  • A New Roof Poisons a Family

    Though at first the culprit appeared to be the furnace, it turned out that the roofers triggered the problem.

  • Power Lobby Fights Solar Industry

    A national lobby for electric utilities is waging a state-by-state battle to hold solar energy back, according to a Washington Post report.

  • Calculating Attic Ventilation

    Code requirements are based on attic square footage, but it's important to also consider volume.


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