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Building With Cross Laminated Timber

The solid CLT panels simplify making the building envelope airtight, and they help moderate fluctuations in moisture and heat.

Working With Thick Layers of Exterior Foam

JLC editor Clayton DeKorne reviews the latest Department of Energy guidelines on using rigid foam insulation.

Building Science Seminars

Building science is not for the faint of heart. If you're serious about durable, energy-efficient homes, this is for you.


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Performance Measurement

  • Roofing With Tile

    Roof tile can be adapted to nearly any environmental condition and climate zone. In this article we’ll focus on two of the most challenging for tile: high-wind and cold-climate regions.

  • Installing Engineered Siding

    Working efficiently ensures durability and profitability.

  • Laminated Framing Lumber (LFL)

    Made from black spruce, LFL engineered lumber reportedly has a better fire rating than LVL.

  • Hanging Drywall Smart

    Don't expect the taper to fix your mistakes.


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