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Stucco Rainscreen – Delta Dry Stucco & Stone Review

How can we build a stucco assembly that will be just as durable and “safe” as a traditional siding house?

A builder on Martha's Vineyard used this cottage for himself and his family to learn the process of building a certified passive house.

Building a Passive House for the First Time

Builder Farley Pedler delves into high-efficiency Passive House construction by building his own passive house in Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

Why 'Energy-Saving' Tips Suck

The truth is that commonly espoused energy-saving tips are worthless. We look at four common offenders.


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Performance Measurement

  • When is a 2x4 is not a 2x4?

    A California judge orders Lowe's to pay $1.6 million for having "unlawfully adverstised" 2x4s that aren't 2 inches by 4 inches. Turns out the suit may have had some teeth.

  • Setting Kitchen Cabinets(Subscriber content)

    A guide to problem-free installation

  • JLC July Letters

    Roofing with asphalt shingles, bias against vocational education, working with caulk guns.

  • Conventional Roof Framing: A Code's-Eye View

    When it’s boiled down, there are essentially two standard methods of roof construction, each having some flexibility. We explore both.


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