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Windows in Thick Walls

Which is better, an innie or an outie?

Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilators

Adding a heat pump lets an ERV help with heating, cooling, and humidity control.

Making Energy Efficiency Easier to Sell

The Building America Solution Center not only offers guidance on building more energy efficient homes, but now provides tools to help builders sell those homes.


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  • Fire Storm: Is Light Framing at Risk?

    Lawmakers respond to the devastating Edgewater fire. Are they just blowing smoke or could these bills affecting multifamily housing ever come to pass?

  • Carrier Cor Smart Thermostat

    Learn more about your energy consumption with this smart thermostat.

  • EETD's Kitchen Test facility - fume hood testing. EETD Researcher Woody Delp - 05/22/2013.

    The Science of Kitchen Ventilation

    Cooking causes indoor air pollution. The obvious answer is to install, and use, a range hood and fan, but how well do they really work?

  • Lateral Bracing for Decks

    Clear guidance on the code’s messy lateral-load provision

  • Retrofit Soundproofing

    Practical solutions for quieting homes

  • Rules for Drilling and Notching Deck Framing

    Following these simple guidelines when modifying joists, beams, and posts will prevent structural problems later on.

  • December 2014 Letters

    House on wrong lot; OSHA; I-joist roofs; home-performance contracting profitable where energy prices are high

  • The Extractor Nail Puller

    Because it grabs nails without cutting through the nail shank, The Extractor can help with deconstruction work where you want to preserve the materials for reuse.

  • Petri Dish House

    A cautionary tale of high indoor humidity, mold problems, and what not to do in a home if you want healthy clients.

  • Electric Water Heating for a Low-Load Home

    Installing an electric tankless water heater proves to be cost-effective and energy efficient.

  • Installing Windows in a Deep Wall

    Double stud walls that allow for higher R-values of insulation create particular challenges for window installation.

  • How Small Jobs Killed My Business

    Chasing energy rebates takes the focus off solving problems and puts it on getting as much rebate with as little out of pocket as possible, resulting in small jobs and mediocre performance improvement.

  • Building Science Summer Camp 2014

    This summer, about 500 of brightest minds in the science of construction attended the Building Science summer camp hosted by Building Science Corporation in Westford MA.

  • Solving for Comfort With a 'Smart' Thermostat

    Tracking temperature, humidity, set point, and equipment runtime can uncover the causes behind client complaints.

  • That's About the Size of It

    Where does the Lowe's ruling on lumber labeling leave those of us in the construction industry?

  • Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation Strategy (Subscriber content)

    An update on current standards and how to meet them

  • Adding an Insulated Envelope (Subscriber content)

    An airtight "puff jacket" achieves near Passive House levels.

  • September 2014 Letters

    Contractor education requirements, bolts for attaching sills to foundations, energy-saving tips, sprinkler mandate

  • A Passive House Consultant's Toolkit

    In addition to the training, here are the tools you'll need to design a Passive House.

  • Monitoring Home Performance

    Certain home performance problems are hard to catch because you may not be at the house when they happen. Here are a few tips on how to keep tabs on condensation, temperature problems, and more.