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Construction Best Practices Manual

Portland- and Seattle-based contractor Hammer & Hand provides construction best practices for high-performance building.

Why Germany is So Much Better at Training its Workers

While 9.3 million Americans remain unemployed, there exist 4.8 million jobs standing empty because employers can't find the skilled people to fill them.

How to Defend Your Business from a Bad Yelp Review

Staying polite and courteous is always the rule. Here are the best ways to deal with rude online reviewers.


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  • A Whole New Engineer

    A new book, A Whole New Engineer, explores the coming revolution in engineering ... well, in all aspects of construction, really.

  • To the Lighthouse

    It's not your typical summer-home renovation, but you can't beat the view.

  • That's About the Size of It

    Where does the Lowe's ruling on lumber labeling leave those of us in the construction industry?

  • Adding an Insulated Envelope(Subscriber content)

    An airtight "puff jacket" achieves near Passive House levels.


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