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  • Top 10 Building Science Secrets (Subscriber content)

    Overall, the state of the construction industry is improving. Many builders and remodelers are learning, either out of interest or coercion, about building science and how to apply it. Here are 10 secrets that will keep you ahead of the game.

  • Trimaco's Old School Heavyweight Butyl Drop Cloths

    Made in the U.S., these washable drop cloths consist of a tightly woven polyester/cotton fabric with a triple-coated utyl-rubber backing that helps prevent liquids from leaking through while also resisting slippage on hardwood and other solid surfaces.

  • Installing Full-Frame Replacement Windows (Subscriber content)

    A window and door specialist from Chicago shares fast and efficient installation methods to ensure windows perform well and stand the test of time.

  • Award Hardwood Floors Eco-Strand Engineered Flooring

    Eco-Strand three-ply engineered flooring is made with whole small-diameter Aspen trees, which rapidly renew. A sawn-cut veneer creates a distinct wood grain top layer.

  • Martin Went To Summer Camp, So You Don’T Have To

    Martin Holladay’s concise but thorough update on the Building Science Corporation’s summer seminar is online at GreenBuilding Advisor.

  • Chinese Authorities Crack Down On Apartment-Top Mountain Villa

    Houses on top of apartment buildings are a thing in China. But this time, the builder may have gone too far.

  • Are Birdmouths in Rafters Necessary?

    Now that there are alternative methods using ripped strips and metal connectors, why are we still cutting birdsmouths in rafters?

  • Insulated Structural Sheathing

    Zip System R-Sheathing combines a Zip panel and polyiso foam

  • More Wall Bracing Options Using OSB

    The Engineered Wood Association has been working to broaden the choices for using wood structural panels to achieve code-required lateral bracing in wood-frame construction. A new APA publication lays out the OSB industry’s latest recommendations for a “simplified” way to meet code.

  • Insulated Lumber

    Trus Joist's TJ Insulated Structural Framing Components make it a little easier to build energy-efficient houses

  • Tips for Would-Be Remodelers (Subscriber content)

    New-home builders transitioning to remodeling need to watch out for these issues

  • A Historic Building Gets an Energy Upgrade (Subscriber content)

    Satisfying the commissions while bringing an 1840s building up to 21st-century energy-efficiency standards presented a challenge

  • Framing a Roof With I-Joists (Subscriber content)

    Tips and tricks for working efficiently with I-joist rafters

  • Central Vac

    The Intervac is an inexpensive alternative to a whole-house vacuum

  • Greek Revival Column Repair

    An impressive colonnade is repaired stave by stave

  • Good Idea

    Reader feedback on JLC's "Roof Truss Repair" Q&A

  • Roadside Attraction (Subscriber content)

    This historic Massachusetts store is a magnet for out-of-control vehicles

  • Getting Into Insurance Work

    Is insurance restoration a good fit for your remodeling business?

  • X-Ray Vision

    DeWalt has added a Hand-Held Radar Scanner to its 12-volt Max lithium-ion system

  • Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit Extended

    The New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit was extended to the end of 2013.