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  • Placing a Puddle-Proof Driveway

    Pervious concrete solves drainage and runoff issues.

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    Dry Veneer

    Versetta Stone is a nonstructural stamped concrete veneer that’s installed without mortar

  • Caliburn Concrete Screws

    In addition to typical high-low drive threads, GRK’s Caliburn concrete screws have a third groove that captures excess concrete dust so it won’t interfere with penetration.

  • Builder Time Bombs

    These common oversights will lead to early building failure.

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    Extreme Stucco

    Hot and cold weather are the enemies of a durable stucco exterior finish. But by following these recommendations, you can apply a long-lasting, good-looking stucco finish in almost any kind of weather.

  • Step by Step With Foam Forms

    Foam concrete forms are gaining popularity, both below and above grade. Three builders describe how to assemble three different systems: stackable blocks, large-core molds, and sheet forms.

  • Details for Successful Stucco

    Details for longlasting, high-quality stucco work.

  • A Pole Barn With Style

    The versatility and economy of pole barns aren’t limited to farm sheds. This pole building serves as a contractor’s garage and warehouse.