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Concrete & Masonry

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    Quick Cable Rails

    A minimalist look for interiors and exteriors

  • Recycled Pavers

    Made of recycled rubber and plastic, Azek Pavers feel firm but have some give

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    Dry Veneer

    Versetta Stone is a nonstructural stamped concrete veneer that’s installed without mortar

  • With its uncanny knack for backstopping out-of-control vehicles, the historic New Boston Store has provided repair work for generations of local carpenters. Its located at a sharp bend in the road, tight against a bridge.

    Roadside Attraction (Subscriber content)

    This historic Massachusetts store is a magnet for out-of-control vehicles

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    Dressing Up A Garage Door (Subscriber content)

    Wooden “skins” add a classy touch to an insulated steel overhead door

  • Three-Coat Stucco Over Foam

    Traditional cement-based stucco can be applied over rigid foam, as long as you get the details right

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    Upgrading the WRB With a Drainage Mat (Subscriber content)

    Installing one of these membranes can help prevent rot behind stone and masonry veneers

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    Self-Adhered Housewrap

    BlueskinVP serves as both housewrap and air barrier

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    Rotproof Doors

    Masonite's "Lemieux Torrefied Collection" doors are treated to resist heat, cold, and moisture

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    Lightweight Roof Tiles

    Quarrix Composite Tiles weigh a lot less than concrete and clay and come in six colors

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