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Pavers & Paving

  • Retrofitting an Oversize Door in Structural Brick (Subscriber content)

    A row house gets a new, 900-pound, triple-glazed slider.

  • Stick-on stone worse than EIFS?

    The wall failures associated with adhered concrete masonry veneer (ACMV) are mounting and could dwarf the problems once associated with synthetic stucco.

  • Recycled Pavers

    Made of recycled rubber and plastic, Azek Pavers feel firm but have some give

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    Stabilizing a Brick Exterior (Subscriber content)

    Unstable brick is tied to the floor framing with standard hold downs, threaded rod, and compression plates

  • Troubleshooting Brick Veneer

    Diagnose the flashing flaws that allow moisture to get into the cavity and ruin sheathing, framing, and interior finishes, then correct them once and for all.

  • Reusing Salvaged Brick

    Old bricks are risky for exterior use; save them for interior projects, and use the proper mortar

  • Stabilizing a Brick Facade

    something about brick and the Paul Revere Apartments

  • Eco-Friendly Brick and Block

    Masonry products made with sustainable manufacturing methods.

  • Permeable Pavers

    Prevent excessive stormwater runoff and earn LEED points for your project.

  • Lightweight Green Pavers

    Vast's Composite Pavers are made almost entirely from recycled materials - mostly scrap tires and plastic bottles - and weigh one-third as much as traditional brick or concrete.

  • Restoring An Island Fortress Brick by Brick

  • PolyPavement Soil Solidifier

    Adding PolyPavement soil solidifier to dirt creates a waterproof drivable surface, says the maker, providing a ready alternative to asphalt and concrete paths, drives, and parking areas.

  • Pervious Paving Offers Coastal Stormwater Solution

  • Retrofitting a Brick Wall With Insulation

    I'm rehabbing an old brick house in Charleston, W.V. I want to insulate the exterior walls, which are balloon-framed with 2x4s, unsheathed, and finished with brick. There's a 1- to 2-inch air space between the 11/2-story-high frame wall and the brick siding, and a weep system at the base of the...

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    Reroofing With Asphalt Shingles

    To ensure a watertight job, don’t skimp on the underlayment.

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    Brick Veneer That Works

    Despite the inherent strength of brick, a brick veneer wall is not invulnerable during a storm. If the wind blows hard enough, poorly secured brick veneer can literally crumble. And because bricks and mortar are porous, they can transmit moisture to the main wall if that wall has not been properly...

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    Laying a Flagstone Terrace

    For a smooth surface, cut the stones to fit and float them into place.

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    Replacing Windows in Brick-Veneer Homes

    Tall-Wall Studs ~ Breathable Roofs~ Paperless Drywall ~ Screws for Composite Decking

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    Keeping an Eye on Chimneys

    Though it's but a single element, a chimney can do much to enhance a house's overall design. In its materials and form — how it rises and terminates — a successful chimney respects the context of the surrounding home.

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    Flashing an Entry Door

    For doors with applied casings, simple flashings made from self-healing membrane serve the same purpose as fins