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Decks & Porches

  • Flooring an L-Shaped Porch

    Framing and flooring an L-shaped porch to allow proper drainage.

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    Durable Decking

    Eastman Chemical Co. says its Perennial Wood is impervious to moisture and rot.

  • Building and Repairing Decks: What Pros Think About

    A rash of catastrophic collapses around the nation is driving new deck design and code standards. Builders who keep up and know how to fix what's wrong with America's aging decks will prosper.

  • Piers for a Lakeside Deck

    Q: What's a good way to set deck piers in shallow water?

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    Replacing Hardwood Decking (Subscriber content)

    Production processes done in the shop minimized material handling at the site and allowed the job to move forward in the shop while rain drenched the site.

  • Micronized-Copper Treated Lumber (Subscriber content)

    Q: I'm building an outdoor deck for a client who wants me to use lumber treated with micronized copper, in the belief that it's less harmful to the environment than wood treated with other chemicals. I'm not very familiar with the material. Can it be used in ground-contact applications, including...

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    Clear View: Genova Products Genovations Glass Railing

    Add safety without impeding views with Genovations glass railings.

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    How to Build Cambered Columns from PVC Boards (Subscriber content)

    A straight taper at the bottom transitions to a curve at the top, making for some careful millwork.

  • Designer Deck Screws

    Color-matching trim heads, sharp points, and self-clearing threads--designed for composite decking

  • Building a Freestanding Deck (Subscriber content)

    Solid bracing and strong connections are the keys to a durable, bounce-free structure.