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Decks & Porches

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    Best Practices: Decks (Subscriber content)

    Over the years at JLC and our sister magazine, we have published dozens of articles focused on virtually every aspect of deck design, engineering, and construction.

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    Best Practices: Decks - Ledgers (Subscriber content)

    Improper sizing and fastening of the ledger board is the single biggest cause of deck failures.

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    Best Practices: Decks - Foundations

    Most decks can be supported by wood posts resting on concrete footings, piers, or a combination of the two.

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    Best Practices: Decks - Bracing & Sizing (Subscriber content)

    Here are some rules of thumb for bracing and sizing framing members for simple deck designs.

  • As a further precaution, some deck craftsmen line the inner surfaces of connectors and brackets with flashing tape to prevent contact between the steel and the treated-wood surfaces. While this seems to slow corrosion significantly, the added material and labor for this time-consuming step can make it as expensive as using stainless steel hardware and fasteners.

    Best Practices: Decks - Railings & Connections (Subscriber content)

    Plain or fancy, a deck guardrail must meet minimum requirements for strength and safety.

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    Best Practices: Decks - Stairs (Subscriber content)

    By code in most jurisdictions, a deck stairway must be at least 36 inches wide.

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    Universal Forest Products Abaco Decking

    Abaco, a tight-grained hardwood comparable to ipe, offers another decking option for homeowners who want to use wood.

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    Composite Decking

    BamDeck 3G is made from 60% reclaimed bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastics

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    Quick Cable

    The TimberTech CableRail works with composite rail systems that have structural wood posts inside composite sleeves

  • American Wood Council Updates Deck Design Guide

    The latest version of the American Wood Council’s prescriptive guide to wood deck construction includes new updated tables that reflect the change in the design values for Southern Pine lumber.