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A builder on Martha's Vineyard used this cottage for himself and his family to learn the process of building a certified passive house.

Building a Passive House for the First Time

Builder Farley Pedler delves into high-efficiency Passive House construction by building his own passive house in Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

a. Spans are given in feet and inches. 

b. Table is based on a maximum roof-ceiling dead load of 15 psf. 

c. The header [may] be supported by an approved framing anchor attached to the full-height wall stud [...]in lieu of the required jack stud. 

d. The 20 psf ground snow load condition shall apply only when the roof pitch is 9:12 or greater [...] 

e. Building width is measured perpendicular to the ridge. For widths between those shown, spans [may] be interpolated. 

f. The header shall bear on a min. of one jack stud at each end.

Q&A: Floor-System-Integrated Headers

What are the guidelines for letting rim joists act as headers in a wall system?

Hardware on European windows allow them to tilt in for ventilation.

A Look Through European Windows

A behind-the-scenes look at the materials and methods used in making high-performance tilt-and-turn windows.


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