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Fences & Retaining Walls

  • My First ICF Foundation

    Foam forms hold the promise of an easily built, energy-efficient foundation — but there is a learning curve. A builder shares his first experience.

  • Strictly Business: Grow Your Business Without Expanding

    Improve profits without getting larger

  • Two Simple Curved Walls

    This remodeling contractor used simple techniques and a manufactured curved plate to assemble radiused walls.

  • Q&A: Insulating Pipes in an Exterior Wall

    Q: What’s the best way to insulate plumbing supply lines in an exterior 2x6 wall?

  • Q&A: Mysterious Stripes on Carpet

    Q: The homeowner living in a ranch house our company built five years ago is complaining of mysterious carpet staining, showing up as a stripe along the outside walls of some rooms. There do not appear to be any water leaks or problems with the gas applia

  • Framing Living Space Over a Garage

    Four case studies illustrate how different methods and materials can provide efficient solutions to framing a clear-span floor over a garage.

  • Layout Under the Slab

    A construction superintendent explains how to avoid costly errors under slab foundations.

  • Toolbox: Impulse Angled Finish Nailer

    Angled finish nailer review

  • Foundation Footing Fundamentals

    Concrete expert Brent Anderson explains the code rules and structural issues surrounding foundation footings. Included are discussions of when and where to place rebar and what to do if a footing is poured slightly out of place.

  • Products

    Quick hanger for heavy loads; vent-boot for the color conscious; solar-activated attic fan; spray-on roof patch; foundation crack repair kit; mortarless retaining wall; clear cement caulk; sound-reducing underlayment; premolded skylight curb flashing; more

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