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    Rigid Insulation Baffle

    The Smart Baffle is made from corrugated plastic and comes in versions for 16-inch and 24-inch framing

  • Solar Skeptics

    Reader feedback on "Deck Mounting a Photovoltaic System"

  • Roof Rules

    Reader feedback on "Roofers Face Flood of New State Laws"

  • Good Idea

    Reader feedback on JLC's "Roof Truss Repair" Q&A

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    Low-Profile Sidewall Flashing (Subscriber content)

    A less obtrusive and more durable alternative to kick-out flashings

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    Rubber Roof

    EuroSlate and EuroShake roofing is made from recycled rubber tires

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    Ultimate Framer

    With the Chappell Master Framer, you can calculate cuts for complex roof frames

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    Roofer's Safety Equipment

    The Li'L Bucket of Safe-Tie has everything a worker needs to be OSHA-compliant up on the roof

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    Getting Started with TPO Roofing (Subscriber content)

    This tougher alternative to rubber membrane can be installed without adhesive

  • Some roofers install underlayment vertically over short steep roof decks to provide quicker protection from the weather, but not all building inspectors will approve this practice. In general, the IRC specifies horizontal underlayment installation.

    Roofing Underlayment

    Does the direction of the underlayment matter?

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