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  • Whatever Happened to 30# Felt?

    Asphalt-impregnated felt — aka tar paper — enjoyed a 100-year run as the preeminent roofing and siding underlayment.

  • Roof Truss Repair

    Field repairs should always be designed by an engineer

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    Tough Mesh

    SlimGuard Gutter Guard installs inside the gutter without caulk or screws

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    Faux Shakes

    Bellaforte polymer roofing shakes can be installed to look like rough-hewn wood shakes

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    Disappearing Ridge Vent

    The SmartRidge vent has a baffle on one side only so it's hidden from the street

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    Do Synthetic Underlayments Make for Better Roofs? (Subscriber content)

    While some old pros are sticking with organic felts because they're low-priced and breathable, many are moving to synthetics for greater flexibility

  • Testing Florida's Gable-End Retrofit Rules

    Since 2007, Florida has required contractors to reinforce the wall-to-roof connection during some remodeling or re-roofing work.

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    Strengthening an old Roof

    New LVL framing straightens and stiffens an underbuilt timberframe

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    Fall Protection for Roof Work (Subscriber content)

    Youíll need a written plan, proper training, and the right equipment to comply with OSHA safety rules

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    Earth-Friendly Fasteners

    According to Maze, Stormguard Coil Roofing Nails contain at least 85 percent recycled steel and zinc