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  • Huberwood Zip System Radiant Barrier

    These roof panels can help lower attic temperatures and protect against moisture.

  • Framing a Two-Pitch I-Joist Roof

    JLC travels to the Maine woods to see Jesper Kruse and the crew of Maine Passive House frame a wood I-joist roof with intersecting steep and shallow pitches.

  • A Shop-Built Bay Window (Subscriber content)

    A template simplifies the math for the hybrid frame.

  • Steep-Slope to Low-Slope Transitions

    Doug Horgan discusses a troublesome area that frequently gets overlooked: the transition between a steep-slope roof and a low-slope roof.

  • Cobra Hip Vent

    A new low-profile vent is designed for hip roofs.

  • MFM Offers Underlayment Co-Branding Program

    Could co-branding be the right extension for your marketing efforts? These underlayments let you shout your name from the rooftops.

  • JLC July Letters

    Roofing with asphalt shingles, bias against vocational education, working with caulk guns.

  • Conventional Roof Framing: A Code's-Eye View

    When it’s boiled down, there are essentially two standard methods of roof construction, each having some flexibility. We explore both.

  • Ecoshel Smart Shingle System

    A numbering system on these 45-inch-long panels provides a guide for vertical joints on adjacent courses to be automatically offset.

  • Roofing With Asphalt Shingles

    More than 80% of U.S. homes have asphalt shingle roofs, and though easy to install, you still need to do it right. These details and best practices will help ensure a durable roof.