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  • A Practical Prefab Dormer (Subscriber content)

    Building on the ground is faster and safer than framing on the roof.

  • Skinnier Shakes

    Fiber-cement siding manufacturer Nichiha recently introduced a low-priced line of shakes.

  • A Rot-Resistant Chimney Chase (Subscriber content)

    I do quite a bit of siding rehab work, much of it on relatively new houses.

  • Reroofing With EPDM Rubber

    Roll roofing was the wrong material for the flat roof under this second-story deck.

  • Image

    American Hydrotech GardNet

    A garden-roof-system component made of 0.5"-inch-thick polyethylene sheet.

  • Fiberglass Shingle

    CertainTeed’s Highland Slate is a single-layer fiberglass shingle that duplicates the texture and color of natural slate.

  • Mineral Surface Underlayment

    IB-3 StormStopper is a self-adhering (50-mil-thick) mineral surface underlayment that can be used to protect trouble spots like valleys and rake edges or the entire roof.

  • Weaving a Cedar Roof Valley

    Cedar roofs are common in Eastern Massachusetts, where I live and work.

  • An Energy Retrofit in Stages (Subscriber content)

    I'm a building energy consultant in central Wisconsin. I recently had a chance to perform a major energy retrofit on a modest ranch-style house just south of Lacrosse, Wis.

  • Soffit Baffles

    AccuVent attic ventilation baffles are designed to keep insulation in place while directing a constant stream of airflow from soffit to ridge.

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