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    Tough Roof Underlayment

    NovaSeal underlayment is lighter and stronger than felt and provides better coverage, says maker

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    Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System

    These shingles are squared and fastened to each other in 45-inch-long panels.

  • Flame Retardant Coatings for Wood Roofing

    Can field-applied flame retardant coatings give a wood shake or shingle roof a Class B fire rating?

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    Guardrail System for Fall Protection

    The Horizontal Under-Eave Guardrail System is an easy-on, easy-off rooftop railing for use with trusses.

  • Flexible Seal Roof Sealant

    Flexible Seal Roof Sealant fills cracks up to 1/4 inch wide and sticks firmly to steel, glass, aluminum, concrete, wood, brick, clay, tile, and asphalt - even in the rain, says the maker.

  • Weaving Wood-Shingle Hips and Valleys - Epoxy Tip - Hail-Damage (Subscriber content)

    Weaving wood-shingle hips and valleys; epoxy tip; hail-damage scam

  • Mounting an Ornamental Iron Railing

    Q: The low-slope roof on the addition I'm building has an ornamental iron railing at the edge. Since the roof won't be used as a deck, it's just there for appearance.

  • HitchClip Fall Arrest System

    The key to the HitchClip Fall Arrest System is a 4.4-ounce anchoring clip that attaches to the roof framing with just four 16d (or equivalent) fasteners.

  • RhinoRoof Felt Substitute

    Most synthetic roofing underlayments are designed to replace 30-pound felt, but RhinoRoof is intended for applications where the 15-pound variety would be called for.

  • Solar Roofing

    Apollo is a low-profile photovoltaic array that can be installed along with the shingles by a certified roofing contractor.

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