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Fiber Cement Roofing

  • Deck Railing Options

    Plastic, wood-composite, and metal railing systems simplify installation and reduce maintenance while giving your clients the look they want.

  • Notebook

    High school vo-tech programs in decline; fiber-cement roofing woes; photovoltaic glazing; faulty hvac system proves deadly; more

  • Image

    Cutting Fiber-Cement

    A Texas builder field-tests the best of the new fiber-cement shears and saws, and reports on his favorites.

  • Engineered Exterior Trim

    A wide range of engineered wood, plastic, and fiber-cement trim products are available for builders who are considering alternatives to solid lumber.

  • Q&A: Using Pressure-Treated Wood for Trim

    Q: We are planning to use pressure-treated wood as exterior trim on a house with fiber-cement siding. The siding will be finished with acrylic paint. Is pressure-treated wood appropriate for use as exterior trim? What precautions, if any, are necessary when painting pressure-treated wood? Can we...

  • Products

    Stepladder tool pouch; vinyl board & batten siding; fold-away urinal; new-tech utility knives; polyethylene garage doors; and more

  • JLC Online

    Leaky power sander, chimney flashing in steel roofs, tools for cutting fiber-cement, Win95 alternatives

  • Letters

    Fiber-cement corners, undercabinet lights, brick veneer details, competitive bidding

  • Fiber vs. Wire Mesh Reinforcing

    Q: Which is better at preventing cracks in concrete slabs: fiber reinforcement or wire mesh?

  • On-Site With Fiber-Cement Siding

    We take a close look at handling, cutting, installing, and painting fiber-cement to see how it compares with traditional lap siding.

  • Alternative Roofing Materials

    Plastic, metal and fiber-cement shingles and panels make for durable, fire-resistant roofs — without sacrificing good looks.

  • Practical Engineering: Deciphering the Engineer's Lingo

    Engineer’s jargon explained

  • Exterior Trim: Alternatives to Solid Wood

    While good-quality finish lumber has grown more scarce and expensive, the lumber industry has been developing wood-based engineered alternatives. Here’s an overview of the best options on the market today.

  • Practical Engineering: Stiff Subfloor Protects Tile Job

    Stiff floor for ceramic tile

  • For What It's Worth

    Joist hanger alignment tool, power cord reel, fiber cement roofing

  • Eight-Penny News

    Leaks in high-temperature plastic exhaust pipes, new asbestos regs coming, training architects as builders

  • Innovative Building Products

    Manufacturers of plastics and composites are finding ways to replace traditional materials with products that are lighter, stronger, more durable, and less expensive. Here’s a look at what’s new at the lumberyard.

  • Image

    Q&A: Roofing and Insulation for an Exposed Rafter Ceiling

    Q: What is the best roofing and insulation to use on a 20-year-old house with exposed rafter cathedral ceilings? The framing doesn’t seem strong enough for tile, which is common here in the Southwest, and the roof needs substantial insulation to shield against an extremely hot summer climate.

  • Q&A: Can Fibers Replace Wire Mesh in Slabs?

    Q: Can polypropylene fiber additives (such as Fibermesh) be used instead of welded wire mesh in concrete slabs?

  • Builder's Library