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Metal Roofing

  • Digital StillCamera

    Gerard Metal Roofing Systems

    Get the benefits of metal roofing with the aesthetics of traditional materials.

  • Cutting Metal Roofing

    What tool works best?

  • Fastening Metal Roofing

    Could fasteners being driven through the valleys of the metal corrugation be the cause of a leaky roof?

  • Roofing With Asphalt Shingles

    More than 80% of U.S. homes have asphalt shingle roofs, and though easy to install, you still need to do it right. These details and best practices will help ensure a durable roof.

  • Soldering Seams (Subscriber content)

    Regardless of the iron or tip used, soldering requires some prep work. Make sure that the tip is clean and that the four facets are flat and meet at a sharp point.

  • Rescuing a Spreading Roof

    A horizontal beam and steel tie rods resist rafter thrust with little disruption to the rest of the structure.

  • Restoring a Standing-Seam Roof

    Properly maintained, this elastomeric coating can protect a metal roof indefinitely.

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    A Shop-Built Conical Roof

    Truss-style construction simplified the framing of this serpentine roofline.

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    Roofing Under Cover

    According to Colin McGhee, thatched roofs are “a bit of a novelty in the United States.” That perception won’t be diminished by the job he took on this past winter when he and his crew thatched a Maine island retreat.

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    Cricket Retrofit

    A downslope chimney without a diverter is guaranteed to leak.

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    Retrofitting an Insulated Cold Roof

    Installing insulation and ventilation under a new roof can solve heat-loss problems and prevent ice dams.

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    Wind Performance of Metal Roofing

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    Green Toilet ~ Cool Roof ~ Cool Attic ~ Steel Driving Gun ~ Have a Blast ~ Starter Strip Marries Skirtboard ~ Precision Dry Stack ~ Self-Sealing Furring Nail ~ Termite Treatment

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    Caulks & sealants; metal roofing

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    Hot Roof ~ Heavyweight Contender ~ Job-Site Desktop ~ Strong-Wall Resource ~ ADA-Approved Door Handles ~ Sweet Cedar Railing ~ Flexible Arches ~ Steel Column Templates ~ Low-Vibration Recip Saw ~ Uplift Panel ~ Impact Curtain

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    Dressing Up an Eyebrow Dormer

    Use this no-math template method to match complex shapes with heat-formed PVC trim.

  • Aluminum Roofing

    Q: How common is aluminum standing-seam roofing? It seems that this profile would be better suited for heat-related expansion and contraction than corrugated aluminum panels fastened through their face, but my local suppliers carry only steel standing sea

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    Panels; metal roofing; insulation

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    Synthetic Roofing Underlayments

    These new membranes are lighter, stronger, and faster to install than traditional felt paper, but are they worth the extra expense?

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    On the Job

    Retrofitting a Lally column; roof demo by crane; working wireless