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Tile Roofing

  • Roofing With Tile

    Roof tile can be adapted to nearly any environmental condition and climate zone. In this article we’ll focus on two of the most challenging for tile: high-wind and cold-climate regions.

  • Boral Concrete Roof Tile Rated Class 4

    Boral's roof tile is designed to withstand hail balls of up to 2 inches in diameter at an impact speed of up to 70 mph.

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    Replacing a Rooftop Deck

    Pedestal supports and preassembled wood tiles simplify installation and maintenance.

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    Energy-efficient light fixture; stone and stucco rain screen; square shower drain; adhesive filler; plastic furring strips; more

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    Breakline - New Tests Coming for Roof Coverings?

    New Tests Coming for Roof Coverings

  • 2006 JLC Index

    Our annual listing of features and departments.

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    Tile Roofs for Hurricane Zones

    One of the most common problems found in the aftermath of hurricanes Frances, Charley, and Ivan was failure of the roofing system. The tile industry responded to the problem with new design criteria and installation details, which have since been added to the Florida Building Code. Charles Wardell...

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    In the News

    Communities grapple with day-labor issues; Katrina wind-damage reports; roofing-tile installation manual; circ-saw recall; more

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    Replacement windows & doors; interior millwork; slate & tile roofing

  • Foundation Drainage

    Preventing frost action * Perimeter drain design * Details for removing roof runoff * Placing drain tile

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    Roofing With Concrete Tile

    An experienced roofing contractor describes the details that make for a long-lasting, leak-free concrete tile roof.

  • Plywood vs. OSB

    Are these two products really equivalent, as manufacturers and grading agencies claim? A wood technologist puts to rest questions about OSB’s suitability as an economical substitute for plywood.

  • Roof Tile Fasteners for High-Wind Regions

    When it comes to securing roof tiles, minimum code recommendations may not be good enough. A seasoned roofing contractor discusses the right and wrong ways to install roof tiles in high-wind and seismically active areas.

  • Roofing with Concrete Tile

    As with all roofing, the quality of the installation determines the longevity of a concrete roof. A pro describes the critical details.

  • Restoration Primer: A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Inspecting Sloped Roofs

    A leading home inspector tells you how to identify and diagnose problems on asphalt, slate, wood, and tile roofs.