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Siding & Trim

  • Built-Up Exterior Trim

    Solutions for building up trim to better complement the thickness of cedar shingles

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    Tough Mesh

    SlimGuard Gutter Guard installs inside the gutter without caulk or screws

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    Three Ways to Vent a Soffit

    Cor-A-Vent corrugated polypropylene vents offer a low-profile soffit alternative to metal strip vents and perforated fiber-cement panels

  • Climate-Shield Rain Screen System

    Mataverde has developed a whole rain screen system including clips, fasteners, trim packages, and fasteners.

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    Keeping Water Out of Stucco Walls (Subscriber content)

    Assume that 3-coat stucco leaks, and detail the building envelope with careful flashing and a double-layer water-resistive barrier

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    Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System

    These shingles are squared and fastened to each other in 45-inch-long panels.

  • Steel Siding

    Bayside says its Metal Siding is less prone to expansion and contraction and more durable than wood or vinyl.

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    It's All in the Name: DAP Spec Line

    DAP's new labeling technique makes choosing the right adhesive or sealant easy.

  • Sidewall Shingles Over Foam Sheathing (Subscriber content)

    Q: How do I fasten cedar shingles to sidewalls covered with rigid foam?

  • Securing Rainscreen Siding (Subscriber content)

    Test results show how to properly install clapboards and vertical strapping over exterior foam.

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