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Siding & Trim

  • CornerBoards


    Caulkless Siding - Steel Framing on the Coast - Edge Detail for BUR

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    Weather­Tight Exteriors

    Keeping Moisture Out of Oceanfront Homes

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    Vibrant vinyl, inswing french doors, fire-stopping foam; exterior trim; water heaters; surface protection

  • Painting Fiber-Cement Siding

    Q. Fiber-cement siding comes primed. Can I go straight to a top coat? What's the best paint to use?

  • 0104TB2


    Dust-free drywall sanding; Impulse utility stapler; demolition tools

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    Installing Fiber-Cement Siding

    Fiber-cement siding is no fun to cut and handle, but its price and durability make it a good deal for spec houses. An experienced installer tells you how to work with it efficiently.

  • 1103la-lead

    Doing Vinyl Right

    When it comes to giving vinyl an authentic period look, the right details make all the difference.

  • 1103KE9

    Running a Production Trim Business

    An interior trim carpenter whose company specializes in servicing large national builders tells how to produce a high-quality interior finish quickly and efficiently.

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    Senco screw gun, Milwaukee metal-cutting saw, siding tools, cold weather gear

  • 0703BD51

    Design: Wood Siding Corner Details

    Wood siding corner details

JLC Field Guide to Decking