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  • Foundry Specialty Siding Shapes Collection

    Available in 10 standard colors, the faces of this decorative vinyl siding are molded with a cedar texture and other eye-catching details.

  • Better Results With Vinyl (Subscriber content)

    A guide to best practices for product selection, installation, and repair of vinyl siding. How to identify better-quality products, and minimize problems by using sound installation and repair techniques.

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    Another Look at Vinyl Siding

    Manufacturers have successfully tackled some of the issues plaguing this low-cost cladding.

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    Malco Products Sider

    If a speed square is a framer's go-to layout tool, Malco's Sider is the equivalent for vinyl-siding installers.

  • Q&A: Asphalt Felt Under Vinyl Siding

    Q. Can asphalt felt be used directly under vinyl siding? I have heard that the two products are incompatible.

  • Q&A: Vinyl Siding Over Foil-Faced Rigid Foam

    Q. Can vinyl siding be installed directly over foil-faced rigid foam?

  • Q&A: Vinyl Siding Over Fan-Fold Foam

    Q: Before installing vinyl siding over existing wood siding, we first install a layer of fan-fold foam insulation. Is the fan-fold foam an adequate weather-resistive barrier?

  • Reader Survey: Siding Choices

    What do you think of today’s siding materials? What would you put on your own house? We asked 1,000 readers for their views; here’s what they told us.

  • Products

    GFCI-protected temporary power, polyurethane glue, corner sander, puncture-proof wheelbarrow tire, insulated vinyl siding, hydraulic work platform

  • Detail: Wood Trim for Vinyl Siding

    On houses clad with vinyl, a simple rabbeted edge detail preserves the look of traditional wood trim at windows, doors, and corner boards.

  • Durable Exterior Details

    This quality-conscious remodeler describes the materials, finishes, and installation techniques that keep the exteriors of his jobs looking good.

  • Aluminum Trim for Vinyl Siding

    Brake-bent aluminum coil stock makes for crisp, durable trim details at windows, doors, and fascia. A Pennsylvania vinyl siding contractor reveals the tricks of the metalworking trade.

  • On-Site With Fiber-Cement Siding

    We take a close look at handling, cutting, installing, and painting fiber-cement to see how it compares with traditional lap siding.

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    Durable Details for Vinyl Siding

    Cracking, splitting, and rippling of vinyl siding can usually be traced to poor installation — specifically, not allowing for the material’s inevitable expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. A siding expert tells how to put it up right.

  • Practical Engineering: Keeping Water Out of Walls

    Preventing structural damage from water leaks

  • Traditional Trim in Vinyl and Aluminum

    A New England builder tells how to trim capes and colonials with low-maintenance materials, and still keep a traditional look.

  • Building with Style: Give New Windows An Old Look

  • A Hard Look at Hardboard Siding

    This 50-year-old product has taken its share of knocks. Is it because of inherent problems or because installers and owners aren't holding up their end of the deal? JLC takes a look.

  • A Pole Barn With Style

    The versatility and economy of pole barns aren’t limited to farm sheds. This pole building serves as a contractor’s garage and warehouse.

  • Problem Clinic: Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum Siding

    A full report on siding failures and how to avoid them—based on extensive field experience.