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  • Brooklyn Passive House: Sealing the Envelope

    In a brick row house in Brooklyn, a builder applies advanced coatings and membranes in a quest to meet the stringent Passive House standard for air-tightness.

  • Old School Meets High Tech: Air-Sealing a Brick Row House

    To achieve the strict air-tightness requirements for a Passive House retrofit, builder Joe Maldonado and Passive House consultant Cramer Silkworth apply a mix of old and new methods.

  • Raise, Don't Raze, the House

    As work heats up along U.S. coastlines to meet new flood elevations,contractors are jumping in to get new work elevating houses. Reports of dropped houses abound, but one Long Island builder has figured out how to do it right.

  • Elevating Houses (Subscriber content)

    From financing to compacting fresh fill, we take an in-depth look at elevating a home.

  • A New York City Passive House: First, Get Out the Shovels

    A Passive House gut-rehab of a historic brick row house in Brooklyn starts at the bottom: with shovels, in the basement.

  • Stepped Buttresses for a Row House Basement

    As part of a major gut-renovation project on a historic Brooklyn row house, contractor Jose Maldonado and his crew excavated a new, lower basement space. The tricky part: buttressing the shared foundation walls that support neighboring homes along with the project house.

  • An Efficient Box Truck Build-Out (Subscriber content)

    An organized work vehicle can save you a ton of time and effort, and it might even double as a portable workplace.

  • At wide spots in the trench, the foam is poured to a consistent thickness against a sheet of OSB.

    Retrofit Exterior Foundation Insulation (Subscriber content)

    Is there a minimally invasive, cost-competitive, easily deployable method of upgrading soil-side foundation insulation in existing buildings? Read on.

  • Measuring Up

    When Milwaukee rolled out its 25-foot model 48-22-5125 magnetic tape measure last summer, most of us bought one to see if it would be a good fit. So far, we think it’s great.

  • On Site With Liquid Flash (Subscriber content)

    We try out Huber's Zip System Liquid Flash on a few windows that we were installing, as well as on pipe penetrations, to see how it performs.

  • Using a variety of toolssome standard, others improviseddrywall contractor Bernie Mitchell works magic with mud.

    Mud Michelangelo

    Bernie Mitchell has spent the past 20 years developing and refining a method of creating remarkably lifelike relief sculptures in drywall mud, many of which ornament the walls of area vacation homes.

  • Certainteed Health Product Declarations for Ceiling Tiles

    Certainteed now publishes HPDs for its ceiling tile products, listing all the ingredients, and it has plans to extend this practice to all its products.

  • All Weather Fence GForce Hinge

    Unlike traditional strap-style hinges, the flanges of the GForce Hinge grab the top and bottom of the gate's 2-by rail, using the gate's weight to compress the wood grain and limit sagging.

  • Fypon Mesa Beam

    This polyurethane beam sports a woodgrain texture and comes pre-primed. Useful for both interior and exterior applications, the beam's hollow core ensures that it's lightweight, too.

  • Proposal to Require Hot Water Pipe Insulation

    To curtail wasted water and energy, the NRDC and the UA propose that all hot water piping systems in new buildings be insulated, such as those serving lavatories, showers, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks.

  • Tight House Construction - Sealing Exterior Sheathing Seams

    In my quest to build ever tighter houses I've decided that my goal is for every house I build to get as close to 1ACH50 as possible. To reach that goal, I've decided to take a page from the PassiveHouse playbook and tape my exterior sheathing seams.

  • Wood High-Rises In Canada? Not So Fast, Says The Concrete Industry

    A proposal to allow six-story wood construction has opposition in Canada.

  • FEMA Grants Will Lift Rhode Island Houses

    Town officials in Westerly, Rhode Island, have FEMA money to spend to lifting houses along the beach.

  • Splash Guard for 5-Gallon Buckets

    Veteran drywall contractor and JLC Live presenter reviews the Bucket Splash Guard.

  • Readers Comment on Decks, Joist Spans, and Faux Stone

    Reader comments and author replies on "Strong, Safe Decks (Sep/13), continuous joists (Q&A, Oct/13), and stone veneer (Sep/13).

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