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All Foundations & Framing Articles

  • DeWalt DWHT51138 Framing Hammer

    Despite its light weight, this hammer gets the job done.

  • Drawing an Ellipse

    If you're not sold on the nails-and-string method, try this one.

  • Floating Islands

    With a thick, three-dimensional plastic mesh made from recycled plastic water bottles as their structural base, these artificial islands can be up to an acre in size.

  • A Flush-Framed Floor to Maximize Space

    Eliminating a dropped beam and a brick pier in a basement remodel required the use of steel and Microlams.

  • Planning Ahead for Combustion Air

    When tucking a fuel-burning appliance into a small utility room, provide sufficient ventilation for it to operate safely and efficiently.

  • Rules for Drilling and Notching Deck Framing

    Following these simple guidelines when modifying joists, beams, and posts will prevent structural problems later on.

  • December 2014 Letters

    House on wrong lot; OSHA; I-joist roofs; home-performance contracting profitable where energy prices are high

  • Creative Mines Monsoon Craft Board Form

    Raw materials bring important performance characteristics to this new stone veneer brand.

  • Synthetic Stucco Without Failures

    To avoid a lawsuit, build a drainable assembly.

  • Framing a Two-Pitch I-Joist Roof

    To maintain a continuous air barrier, special attention needed to be paid to the seams that formed the joint at the wall plate where the rafters would sit.

  • Dexerdry Flanges

    Rubber strips space grooved deck boards while forming a watertight seal between them.

  • Petri Dish House

    A cautionary tale of high indoor humidity, mold problems, and what not to do in a home if you want healthy clients.

  • Building an Eyebrow Dormer

    CAD program simplifies layout and creates full-size patterns.

  • Warm Stone

    Installing tile over electric radiant heating

  • Fastening Metal Roofing

    Could fasteners being driven through the valleys of the metal corrugation be the cause of a leaky roof?

  • Concrete Footings and Soil Moisture

    Does the moisture content of the soil in a footing hole affect how bagged concrete cures?

  • DeWalt DCR002 Bluetooth Radio Adaptor

    This receiver plugs into any radio with a 3.5mm auxiliary port and lets you wirelessly stream content from your smartphone from up to 100 feet away.

  • Milling Rough Lumber

    For fine woodworking, having control over the flatness and stability of the wood is paramount.

  • Electric Water Heating for a Low-Load Home

    Installing an electric tankless water heater proves to be cost-effective and energy efficient.

  • Island House Makeover: Starts at the Bottom

    Coastal Connection follows along as a Maine design/build firm starts a bottom-up makeover on a vintage island house.