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  • Building Above-Code Walls (Subscriber content)

    Four design/build teams solve the puzzle of high-performance wall construction—in four different ways.

  • Building Better Eaves

    Roof overhangs can be finished in a number of materials and constructed in a wide variety of different ways. Here's what you need to know to construct eaves that will survive the test of time.

  • Thermal Imaging With a Blower Door (Subscriber content)

    Though it's impossible to seal every hole in an existing building to prevent air leaks, here's a procedure you can use to identify the worst leaks in order to tighten the home as cost-effectively as possible.

  • Rigid Rock Wool

    Designed for use as exterior continuous insulation in rainscreen wall systems, Comfortboard CIS repels water but is breathable enough to allow outward wall drying.

  • Best Practices: Continuous Exterior Insulation (Subscriber content)

    A guide to selecting and installing rigid foam on walls.

  • Venting the Crawlspace (Subscriber content)

    Most crawlspaces are vented to the outdoors, but encapsulating the crawlspace has gained favor among builders of green and energy-efficient homes. But what do you do about the air down there?

  • Reusing Loose-Fill Cellulose

    Working around existing attic insulation to seal air leaks may be more cost-effective than removing and replacing it

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    Installing Dense-Pack Cellulose (Subscriber content)

    This economical material both air-seals and insulates

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    Building Cost-Effective Emergency Housing in Alaska (Subscriber content)

    Innovative open-web trusses allow for easy assembly, high R-values, and minimal thermal bridging

  • Better Materials for Super-Insulation

    Feedback from a JLC reader

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    Tightening Up a Two-Family House

    Chasing down and fixing energy leaks in an old house can be tricky and expensive, but utility incentives may help.

  • Curbing Conductive Heat Loss Through a Glulam Beam

    Conductive heat loss through a glulam beam may be a minor problem in the context of whole-house heat loss.

  • Bora-Foam Bugless Insulation Panels

    Most rigid insulation is susceptible to termite damage but Bora-Foam isn't.

  • Fireproof Foam Insulation

    GacoFireStop is the first open-cell foam approved for use in attics and crawlspaces with no additional ignition barrier.

  • Avoiding Problems With Spray Foam (Subscriber content)

    To make sure you’re getting a good spray-foam installation, choose a certified contractor and run regular material tests.

  • Compact Foam Sprayer

    Graco claims that the Reactor E-8p Portable Plural-Component Sprayer is the first foam sprayer specifically designed to apply the new no-heat polyurethane formulations.

  • Betting Big on Spray Foam in Coastal Carolina

  • Building a Simple Passive House

    In September 2009 I completed a deep energy retrofit on a small house in Point Reyes Station, Calif., some 50 miles north of San Francisco.

  • An Energy Retrofit in Stages (Subscriber content)

    I'm a building energy consultant in central Wisconsin. I recently had a chance to perform a major energy retrofit on a modest ranch-style house just south of Lacrosse, Wis.

  • Tightening A House Shell From The Outside

    Our construction company recently completed a major remodel and energy retrofit of a split-level home in northern Vermont.