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Floor Structure

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    Building a Curved Stairway

    Simple framed walls support the treads and act as forms for bending the rails and stringers.

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    Framing a Curved Porch

    Laminated beams and PVC trim round off the corner on a new porch for a historic building

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    On the Job

    Rough framing and routers; curved wood gutter

  • A Quick Fix for Squeaky Floors?

    Q. When a floor is covered by wall-to-wall carpeting, is it possible to fix squeaks without taking up the rug to get to the subfloor?

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    Plumbing and Straightening Walls

    This quick, accurate method prevents problems with the framing and finishes that follow.

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    PLS90E 90-degree layout laser; knives; heavy equipment

  • Exposed I-Joists

    Q: A client has asked me to build a practical outbuilding with a wood floor system. For simplicity's sake, I'd like to place it on a Sonotube foundation and use continuous-span wood I-joists. The bottom of the I-joists will be about 16 to 24 inches off the ground, and the perimeter joists will be...

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    Running a Timber-Framing Business

    Modern tools bring this traditional building method into the 21st century.

  • 2006 JLC Index

    Our annual listing of features and departments.

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    Framing the First-Floor Deck

    The work goes faster if you use a laser, install anchor straps instead of anchor bolts, and measure as little as possible.

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    Framing a Spiral Staircase

    Painstaking layout made it possible to build this lighthouse stair with standard framing tools

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    Replacing a Bearing Wall With a Flush Beam

    A shallow steel-reinforced beam preserved headroom in this low-ceilinged room.

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    Note from New Jersey; snow-covered vent pipes; the continuing safety-factor discussion; more

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    Truck accessories; wood flooring; structural fasteners & connectors

  • Fast Floors With Structural Insulated Panels

    Using floor panels supported by engineered-lumber girders cuts production time on SIP houses.

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    Foolproof Layout For Winding Stairs

    While new stair codes have made winders more complicated to build, full-scale layout eliminates the guesswork.

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    Q&A: Setting Ceramic Tile Over Long-Span Steel Joists

    Q. The plans for a new house call for saltillo tile over a 3/4-inch plywood subfloor with 1/2-inch concrete backerboard (Durock) thinset and screwed to the plywood. The floor joists are Dietrich Trade Ready Floor System 12-gauge steel joists at 16 inches

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    Building a Timber Barn

    For customers who want the look of a timber-frame outbuilding without the cost, this Massachussetts builder has developed a straightforward approach to stick framing with heavy timbers.

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    Time-Saving Tools For Framers and Finish Carpenters

    Trying to speed production and increase accuracy on the job? These tools deserve a look.

  • Protecting Existing Finishes

    A high-end remodeler describes his simple system for protecting existing surfaces and new work with hardboard, tape, plastic sheeting, and other inexpensive materials.