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Roof Structure

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    Synthetic roof underlayments; deck railings; fireplaces

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    Adding Timber Rafter Tails To a Stick-Framed Roof

    A good plan and shop-made parts simplify this classy detail.

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    Framing a Barrel-Vault Ceiling

    To simplify the layout, think in terms of a hip roof.

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    Installing Curved Exterior Trim

    Accurate framing and full-size millwork templates guaranteed a precise fit.

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    Hot-mop variations; strong connections; snap goes the post; more

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    Building a Strong Cathedral Hip Roof

    A Massachusetts builder explains how he built a structurally sound vaulted hip ceiling without collar ties.

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    Gang-Cutting Rafters

    Designing dormers that fit

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    Framing a Round Tower

    A Long Island contractor uses preassembled framing and a forklift to build a dramatic circular stairwell.

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    Rooftop Decks for Coastal Homes

    Building a deck over living space can be a tricky proposition. An architect and builder describes his method for suspending the deck framing from parapet walls, above an EPDM rubber membrane roof.

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    Gypsum-Board Firewalls

    A multifamily builder finds that gypsum-board area separation walls have some important advantages over traditional masonry walls.

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    Two Formed & Foamed Dormers

    Shop-built dormers for a stress-skin roof

  • Roof Truss Spacing

    Q. We see ourselves as quality builders. We frame everything 16 inches on-center, including roof trusses. Most visitors to our job sites feel that this is overkill and that we're wasting the customer's money. Is putting trusses 16 inches on-center with 5/

  • A Close Look at Stucco

    Traditional three-coat, one-coat, or EIFS, stucco is only as reliable as the water-management details behind it. A second- generation stucco contractor identifies common problems and offers proven solutions.

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    Framing an Octagonal Roof

    A master framer safely cuts and assembles a complex bell-shaped turret roof in comfort on the ground before finishing the job with a crane.

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    Laying Out a Split-Pitch Hip

    A veteran carpenter lays out irregular hip rafters with framing square, tape measure, bevel gauge, and a series of triangles drawn on scrap.

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    By Design: Stick-Framed Look on a Truss Budget

    Getting a stick-framed look on a truss budget

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    Roofing felt, rotary laser follow-up, plumbing a well pump, sizing supply pipes, more

  • Q&A: Nailing Sheathing on Valley Roof Trusses

    Q. We’re framing a gable-roofed house with roof trusses. The roof includes a bumpout with a smaller gable roof that intersects the main roof, forming two valleys. A valley set will be installed on top of the main roof sheathing. The sheathing along the valley doesn’t have blocking for continuous...

  • Q&A: Who’s Responsible for Hidden Conditions?

    Q: When we pulled off the siding and sheathing from the gable end of an existing house in preparation for an addition, we were surprised to find that the roof has a 4x12 structural ridge beam supporting common rafters. We had assumed that the roof was fra

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    Q&A: Framing With L-Corners

    Q: The local framing inspector told us that our L-corners are not acceptable. He says that an L-corner is not as strong as a corner framed with two studs separated by blocking. Is he right?

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