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Special Coverage: Hurricane Sandy

  • Connecticut Shore Takes a Drubbing in Sandy

    While Sandy's strongest winds and worst flooding occurred on the ocean shores of New Jersey, Connecticut shoreline communities on the Long Island Sound also got a beating.

  • Jersey Shore Aftermath: High Rollers Hit Hard

    The southern shore of New Jersey took the direct impact of Superstorm Sandy's onslaught. Barrier island communities on the Jersey Shore were decimated.

  • Post-Sandy, Can Flood Insurance Cope with the Losses?

    Even for homeowners who do carry flood insurance, policy limits are tight.

  • New Yorkers Debate Flood Protection

    Construction of a 5 mile barrier from Rockaway to Sandy Hook NJ would cost at least $10 billion.

  • After the Storm: Long Island

    I’ve been worried about a storm like this for over 10 years, ever since hearing NOAA warnings about the flood risks faced by anyone living south of the Long Island's Montauk Highway.

  • After the Storm: New Jersey

    Rob Corbo, contractor and regular JLC contributor, gives a firsthand account (with photos) of the damage to his hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey. With business receivables and revenues on hold, the next few weeks will be challenging.

  • Chaos on Long Island

    With much of the media's attention focused on New York City and the Jersey shore, little news is reaching the national airwaves about Long Island, east of the city.

  • Sandy Devastates Jersey Shore, Manhattan, and Long Island

    Hurricane Sandy's double-barreled onslaught of high winds and record-high storm surge flooding left behind a monumental task of rescue, recovery, and reconstruction.

  • Surge Damage Starts Ahead of Landfall

    Sandy's winds, while increasing in power, are still less fearsome than the massive slug of water the gigantic storm is pushing ahead of it.

  • Getting Ready for Sandy

    As it lumbers slowly northward, Hurricane Sandy is officially rated as "only" a Category One storm, based on wind speed. But wind speed is only one aspect of a storm. In breadth, Sandy is huge.