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Special Coverage: Hurricane Sandy

  • Sandy Devastates Jersey Shore, Manhattan, and Long Island

    Hurricane Sandy's double-barreled onslaught of high winds and record-high storm surge flooding left behind a monumental task of rescue, recovery, and reconstruction.

  • Surge Damage Starts Ahead of Landfall

    Sandy's winds, while increasing in power, are still less fearsome than the massive slug of water the gigantic storm is pushing ahead of it.

  • Getting Ready for Sandy

    As it lumbers slowly northward, Hurricane Sandy is officially rated as "only" a Category One storm, based on wind speed. But wind speed is only one aspect of a storm. In breadth, Sandy is huge.

  • Hurricane Sandy

    Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coastal states are on alert this weekend, watching out for a late-season storm strike by Hurricane Sandy, forecast to make landfall late Monday or early Tuesday near the Delaware-New Jersey border.

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