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Acoustics & Soundproofing

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    Soundproofing Outdoor Generators and Condensers

    Special mounts, acoustic blankets, and properly sized barriers are all part of the solution.

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    Stainless-Steel Wiring Staples - Insulating Fire-Block - Site Shop Setup - Premium Sliders - Rust-Resistant Post Mount - Clear Storm Panels - Soundproofing Solution

  • Soundproofing a Through-Wall Air Conditioner

    Q. My neighbor has a noisy through-the-wall air conditioner that runs day and night. So that I could get a better night's sleep, I thought I would offer to build him a soundproof box he could place around the AC unit, before I resort to more drastic measu

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    Air blocker; quick frieze; decking; exterior doors; ventilation

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    Low-maintenance gutters, 10-ounce epoxy, long structural screws; indoor ventilation; locksets; paints & coatings

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    Heat pumps, siding and accessories, lighting, interior millwork products, more

  • Successful Sound Control

    Two researchers dampened the noise from an industrial wood shop next to an office. Here are the details they used.

  • Retrofit Sound Control

    How remodelers can beef up residential wall, floor, and ceiling systems to create quiet spaces.

  • Sound-Studio Retrofit

    How an old warehouse was transformed into a professional sound studio — using off-the-shelf materials and a good understanding of sound transmission.