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Air Conditioning

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    Comfort Sync Thermostat

    This feature-rich controller can be operated over the Internet via smart phone or tablet

  • Heat pumps are refrigeration- cycle devices that use electricity to move and concentrate heat energy, and can be used for both heating and cooling. Although electricity is required to run a compressor,the energy needed to deliver a given quantity of heat with a heat pump is typically a fraction of what it would take to provide the same amount of heat with resistance baseboard heaters or wall-hung units.

    Ductless Heat Pumps (Subscriber content)

    These easily installed units offer flexible sizing and high efficiency at moderate cost.

  • Programmable Thermostat

    The Slimline Platinum thermostat provides control of both temperature and humidity levels.

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    Soundproofing Outdoor Generators and Condensers

    Special mounts, acoustic blankets, and properly sized barriers are all part of the solution.

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    Staff Report: Blackout Power Solutions

    The small, gasoline-powered portable generator is the classic ad hoc response to a major power outage. Yet it may be the homeowner's worst possible choice. Able to provide only enough output for a few lights and a refrigerator, gas-powered generators need frequent refueling and make a lot of noise...

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    Asphalt shingles; heating and cooling equipment; home automation

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    Air Conditioning for Humid Climates

    Balancing cooling with humidity control is a tough job in the coastal South. A North Carolina hvac pro explains how the latest generation of cooling equipment meets the challenge.