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Domestic Hot Water

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    Super-Insulated Tank for Heating Fluid Storage

    Wouldn't it be nice to store excess heat generated by solar panels and biomass boilers in summer for heating during the winter? Here's a stab at a tank designed for the purpose.

  • Hot-Water Circulation Systems

    On-demand systems install quickly and can save both water and energy.

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    TVA-ORNL Project Provides a Window on the Payback of Energy Upgrades

    Study finds that modest upgrades in insualtion and HVAC equipment dramatically reduce energy use in warm, humid climates.

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    Package Deal

    Rheem’s SolPak solar hot-water heating package.

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    Foam sealant; self-adhesive tile underlayment; geothermal heat pump; metal countertops; solar-powered exterior fixture; more

  • Installing an Efficient Noncondensing Boiler

    Tax credits are great, but does your client really need a condensing boiler?

  • Cost-Cutting Heat-Pump Water Heater

    The Geyser heat-pump water heater connects to the tank of an existing water heater or any similar insulated storage tank but runs more economically than standard electric or gas-fired units, says the manufacturer.

  • Retrofitting a High-Tech Heating System

    This design uses a gas boiler and solar thermal collectors as heat inputs, and incorporates an HRV into the air handler.

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    Snow-melting stair mats; modulating gas fireplace; efficient heat-pump water heater; permeable pavement; sump pump; more

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    Tree roots and foundation cracks; code logic; mixing plastics; site-built arched trusses