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  • Piping Layouts for Hydronic Heat

    The design of hydronic heat distribution piping affects overall comfort levels, regardless of boiler efficiency. An engineer describes the pros and cons of four piping layouts for hot-water heat.

  • Builder's Library

    Residential hvac primer, field guide to house styles

  • Ground-Source Heat Pumps

    Capturing the earth’s energy with underground heat-exchange loops can cut heating and cooling costs — if it’s done right. An hvac contractor tells what he’s learned from 15 years of installing geothermal heat pumps.

  • Heating With Sealed Combustion

    In a tight house, kitchen and bath exhaust fans can interfere with the natural draft of chimney-vented heating equipment. An energy expert explains how power vents and combustion air supply ducts can solve the problem.

  • Focus On Energy: New Heat Pump Makes More Hot Water

    Dual-coil heat pump saves on hot water

  • Building with Style: Combining Heating & Cooling Systems

    Choosing the right hvac system

  • Image

    Q&A: Combining Radiant and Baseboard Heat

    Q: I have a hot-water system feeding high-temperature baseboard heaters and a low-temperature radiant slab. How should the system be set up to accommodate these separate zones?

  • Q&A: Forced Air vs. Hydronic Heat

    Q: What are the advantages of hot water heating systems vs. warm air systems?

  • Q&A: Sizing a Steam Boiler

    Q: I am remodeling a large, older home that is heated by a low-pressure steam system. Because of the size of the house, steam seems to be a good system to use, but the boiler is obsolete. We are adding insulation and sealed double glazing. How can I calculate the required size of the new boiler? Or...

  • Hydronic Radiant Heat for Wood-Framed Floors

    You don’t need to pour a concrete slab to get the benefits of radiant heat. An engineer describes new approaches that combine radiant heating with conventional floors.