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  • Building Technology: Fifteen Years of Change

    We take a look back at the new products and technologies that have changed the way we build.

  • Hydro-Air Heating Options

    For climates where both heating and cooling are needed, this hybrid system offers the greatest flexibility. An hvac contractor shows how he makes it work.

  • Q&A: Radiant Heat Efficiency

    Q: My hvac sub tells me that hot water radiant heat is "more efficient" than traditional forced hot air. Is this true?

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    Avoiding Moisture Problems in Cooling Climates

    Along the hot, humid Gulf Coast, buildings are more susceptible to damage from moisture entering from outside than from inside. A builder/architect explains the energy details that work in this climate.

  • New England Update

  • Radiant Walls and Ceilings for the Bath

    In small bathrooms, there may not be enough floor area for adequate radiant heating. An experienced hvac sub describes the products and techniques that can turn the walls and ceilings — and even some fixtures — into radiant heat sources.

  • Notebook

    States ponder adoption of Model Energy Code, on-line building permits, foam adhesives for roof sheathing, true cost of comp claims

  • Letters

    OSHA rule on ridgehook ladders, plastic vs. copper plumbing, more on moment frames

  • Products

    Ten-year smoke detector, temporary plastic door latch, quiet attic fan, vinyl railing system

  • Heard at the Show

    Highlights from JLC’s Construction Business & Technology Conference