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    Plastic Plumbing Comes of Age

    Ten years of problems with polybutylene piping have made contractors wary of using plastic pipe for domestic water supply. That’s a mistake, according to this plumbing contractor, who has plumbed residential water systems successfully for 15 years using cross-linked polyethylene tubing.

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    Prefab plumbing access panels, hand-crank fork lift, electric radiant heat panels, nonyellowing clear caulk

  • New England Update

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    Plastic laminate flooring, new protections for small businesses, thawing a frozen site

  • Builder's Library: Guide to Hydronics

    Definitive textbook on hot-water heating

  • Eight Penny News

    Lessons from Hurricane Erin, radiant barrier study, tax depreciation basics

  • New England Update

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    Q&A: Wood Trim with Stucco

    Q: We will soon be building a stuccoed Tudor-style home. Standard practice in our area is to fasten the wood trim directly to the sheathing, then apply a three-coat stucco to the areas formed by the applied trim. How can the trim-stucco joint be detailed to prevent water infiltration?

  • Kitchen & Bath: Warm Solutions for a Cold Kitchen

    Kitchen heating solutions

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    Bootleg grounds, leaky ridge vents, stiff tile subfloor