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Kitchen, Bath & Interiors

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    Installing Full-Frame Replacement Windows (Subscriber content)

    A window and door specialist from Chicago shares fast and efficient installation methods to ensure windows perform well and stand the test of time.

  • Tips For Building Deck Stairs

    The stairs are one of the most important parts of a deck. If proper attention isn't paid to how they are built, they can be both hazardous and look out of place. Here are some tips on how to build stairs correctly.

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    Carpenter Finds Old Silent Movie Reel In New Hampshire Barn

    Before demolishing an old barn, New Hampshire carpenter Peter Massie thought he’d take a look around. He found a piece of cinema history.

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    Working With Composition Ornament (Subscriber content)

    Time-tested, inexpensive, and easy to apply, composition ornament is a handy way to add richness and detail to your work.

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    Kohler Levity Shower Door

    With metal trim that can be trimmed on-site to fit the opening, this shower door from Kohler is designed to be installed by the remodeler.

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    The Galley Sink for Indoors or Outdoors

    The Galley Sink offers a stainless steel sink that can be accessorized with a range of sliding cutting boards, bowls, and other features to meet the needs of any cook.

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    Advanced Repair Technology Flex-Tec HV Epoxy

    Flex-Tec HV epoxy is designed for strength and flexibility, offering modeling and tooling properties that make it handy for repairing natural wood and other materials.

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    Award Hardwood Floors Eco-Strand Engineered Flooring

    Eco-Strand three-ply engineered flooring is made with whole small-diameter Aspen trees, which rapidly renew. A sawn-cut veneer creates a distinct wood grain top layer.

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    Rhino Linings Trowel-Top Coating

    Trowel-Top is designed for concrete resurfacing and repair and is simply troweled over existing concrete to create a smooth finish prior to applying stains or dyes.

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    New York City Hopefuls Line Up For Union Carpentry Slots

    A shot at membership in the Carpenters Union was enough to keep people camped out in line for days straight.

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    What's New in Kitchens and Baths (Subscriber content)

    For clients struggling with product selections, these materials and fixtures may help seal the deal

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    Stabila LD 420 Laser Distance Meter (Subscriber content)

    A new contender gets high marks

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    Cabinet Clamps

    Pony Cabinet Claws speed installation of face-frame cabinets

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    Insulated Structural Sheathing

    Zip System R-Sheathing combines a Zip panel and polyiso foam

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    Reclaimed Vanity

    The handcrafted Americana Vanity Hutch is made from textured wood rescued from old structures

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    Ultimate Hood

    The Best WPD38 range hood is designed for use in outdoor kitchens

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    PVC Trim Adhesive

    PVC Trim Welder comes in fast- and slow-curing formulations and laminate grade

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    Box Newel With a Metal Stanchion

    Steel comes in handy to stiffen a newel post

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    More Wall Bracing Options Using OSB

    The Engineered Wood Association has been working to broaden the choices for using wood structural panels to achieve code-required lateral bracing in wood-frame construction. A new APA publication lays out the OSB industry’s latest recommendations for a “simplified” way to meet code.

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    TS 55 REQ Track Saw

    It's hard to beat Festool's ease of use and exceptional dust control, but be prepared to pay

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