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  • Crystalline Series Pendant Light Fixtures

    These colorful glass pendants are available in a choice of four geometric shapes.

  • A Drywaller’s Approach to Air Sealing Homes (Subscriber content)

    Air leaks through the building shell can have a significant effect on a home’s durability, energy use, and indoor air quality. Myron Ferguson explains how drywall can be an important part of the air barrier of an enclosure.

  • Thermal Imaging With a Blower Door (Subscriber content)

    Though it's impossible to seal every hole in an existing building to prevent air leaks, here's a procedure you can use to identify the worst leaks in order to tighten the home as cost-effectively as possible.

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    Low Profile

    Embassy Ceilings look nicer than conventional suspended ceilings and eat up less headroom

  • Patching Veneer Plaster (Subscriber content)

    Tips from a thread on fixing a hole in a plaster ceiling

  • Installing Drywall Over Rigid Foam

    Drywall expert and home performance contractor Myron Ferguson explains how to install drywall over rigid interior foam

  • Thermal Break for a Cathedral Ceiling

    Q: Is it possible to create a thermal break by fastening a layer of rigid foam to the underside of the joists before hanging the drywall?

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    Lodge Look: Ozark Natural Paneling

    Nevermind the old plasticky paneling of decades past. Ozark Natural Paneling adds warmth with natural solid wood boards.

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    Designing With Interior Trim

    As usual, there are no hard and fast rules, just a framework of context to guide your trim design decisions.

  • A Simple Vaulted Ceiling

    Attaching scribed OSB gussets to scissors trusses converts an angled cathedral ceiling to a graceful curve.