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  • Q&A: Bleaching Old Cedar Paneling

    Q: I want to lighten the color of 15-year-old cedar paneling that has darkened with age. The wall paneling consists of 3/8x6-inch tongue-and-groove clear cedar installed over 1/2-inch drywall. I took a sample of the interior cedar and experimented with a bleaching method I often use outdoors. I...

  • By Design: Building a Barrel Vault Ceiling

    Designing & building a barrel vault ceiling

  • By Design: Trusses vs. Rafters

    Designing roofs: stick-framed or trusses?

  • Framing Recessed Ceilings

    This vaulted ceiling detail is inexpensive to build, but it looks like a million bucks.

  • By Design: Vaulted Ceilings Think Before You Leap

    Designing vaulted ceilings

  • Flattening Walls for Paneling

    The quality of framing lumber being what it is, a perfectly flat, plumb wall is a rarity these days. An experienced finish carpenter describes the techniques he uses to create a flat surface before installing paneling and interior trim.

  • cath1-2.gif (13453 bytes)

    Energy-Efficient Cathedral Ceilings

    It’s difficult to achieve a high R-value in a cathedral ceiling while preserving adequate roof ventilation. Here are four options for packing more insulation into the rafters, by an energy-conscious builder who has tried them all.

  • Venting Details for Cathedral Ceilings

    Unvented roofs in northern climates are prone to ice buildup, but how do you ventilate a valley or hip rafter in a cathedral ceiling? And what do you do at a skylight, where the headers block the vent chutes? A snow-country builder describes the venting methods that have worked for him at these and...

  • Focus on Energy: A Nearly Perfect Cathedral Ceiling

    Airtight, well-ventilated cathedral ceiling

  • Vented vs. Unvented Roofs: The Great Debate

    In a perfect world, air retarders and careful insulation details would keep moisture out of the roof. But real buildings are never perfect, and venting is still the safest approach, especially in cathedral ceilings.

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