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  • Laying Wide Pine Floors

    In many parts of the country, softwood is a traditional flooring material. A veteran finish carpenter explains his method for installing wide-board softwood floors.

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    Q&A: Cure for Wet Basement

    Q: We are working on a house with water in the basement. The homeowner got a bid from a specialty contractor for a comprehensive dewatering system that includes injecting a coating around the outside (without digging up the soil) and cutting the slab to install an interior perimeter drain connected...

  • A Contractor's Guide to Carpeting

    Laying carpet isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires preparation by the contractor and a knowledgeable installer. Also: Carpet and Air Quality

  • Q&A: Insulating Old Plaster Walls

    Q: What is the best way to insulate and vapor-proof an existing plaster wall without demolishing the surface?

  • Coping With Shrinking Wood Callbacks

    Whether it’s framing lumber or finish flooring, wood shrinks and swells, causing problems in your finish work. Here’s how to prevent callbacks.

  • The Practical Healthy House

    Demand is growing for homes with fewer harmful materials. An architect/builder gives his description.

  • Waterborne Finishes for Hardwood Floors

    Originally developed to comply with solvent regs, water-based finishes are now winning converts. A flooring contractor tells how to make them work.

  • Building With Style: Combining Paint and Natural-Finish Trim

  • Building Stairs with Stock Parts: Part I

    An experienced stair builder gives step-by-step instruction. In Part I, this month, we cover layout and installation of finish skirts, risers, and treads.

  • Floating Hardwood Floors

    Longstrip floors, manufactured and prefinished in Europe, install quickly and can go over almost any level surface. An industry consultant explains how.