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Interior Finishes

  • Painting Sequence for Room Interiors

    Always do the baseboard last and take care to cut in tight, straight lines.

  • Treat or Replace Pet-Stained Subfloor?

    Should subflooring that has been stained with dog urine be torn out and replaced before a new hardwood floor is installed?

  • Sherwin-Williams Emerald Acrylic Latex Paint

    In both exterior and interior versions, colorants are completely free of VOCs.

  • A Drywaller’s Approach to Air Sealing Homes (Subscriber content)

    Air leaks through the building shell can have a significant effect on a home’s durability, energy use, and indoor air quality. Myron Ferguson explains how drywall can be an important part of the air barrier of an enclosure.

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    Plaster Repair Strategies (Subscriber content)

    Minimize demolition by patching cracks, resurfacing with fabric, or adding a layer of drywall

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    The Fine Art of Floor Planing (Subscriber content)

    Caillebotte's "Les Raboteurs de Parquet” shows workers using 19th century hand tools

  • Patching Veneer Plaster (Subscriber content)

    Tips from a thread on fixing a hole in a plaster ceiling

  • Patching Plaster

    Use setting compound and drywall patches to quickly repair holes in plaster

  • Removing Grout Haze (Subscriber content)

    Stubborn latex grout haze on textured accent tiles led to this thread in JLC's Ceramic Tile Expert Forum

  • Double Duty

    Premium Plus Zero VOC Interior Paint combines the primer and finish coat in one product