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Interior Panels

  • Installing Metal Panel Roofs

    A Florida roofing contractor tells how to select and install a screw-down metal roof.

  • Installing Suspended Ceilings

    Here’s how to lay out and assemble professional-looking dropped ceilings.

  • Q&A: Bleaching Old Cedar Paneling

    Q: I want to lighten the color of 15-year-old cedar paneling that has darkened with age. The wall paneling consists of 3/8x6-inch tongue-and-groove clear cedar installed over 1/2-inch drywall. I took a sample of the interior cedar and experimented with a bleaching method I often use outdoors. I...

  • On Site with Advantech

    Field testing of this new-generation OSB subfloor shows improved resistance to swelling, even in severe weather exposure.

  • Structural Slabs With Foam Forms

    For builders using insulated concrete forms, attaching a wood floor system is the hardest part of the job. A structural slab, by contrast, is easy to install, has excellent resistance to fire and sound transmission, and works well with radiant floor heating. Here’s a step-by-step look at both steel...

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    Tying Down the House

    Properly installed, metal framing connectors provide good protection from earthquakes and hurricane damage. A field supervisor for a California construction company takes a step-by-step look at how to lay out and install common types of hold-down hardware.

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    Fast Precast Foundations

    A Superior Wall foundation has as much strength as a poured foundation, plus it’s insulated, requires no footings, and can install in less than a day. If there’s a manufacturing plant in your area, this is a system worth looking at.

  • Building With Foam-Core Panels

    With structural insulated panels, you get framing, sheathing, insulation, and air barrier all in one neat package. A 15-year foam-panel user explains how to build houses with SIPs, and how the technique compares with stick framing.

  • Flattening Walls for Paneling

    The quality of framing lumber being what it is, a perfectly flat, plumb wall is a rarity these days. An experienced finish carpenter describes the techniques he uses to create a flat surface before installing paneling and interior trim.

  • The Ultimate Stick-Built Wall

    One advantage of stick-framing is that you can build walls flat and square on the deck. But why stop there? Siding, windows, and trim can all be installed before you raise the wall. A veteran framing contractor shows how it’s done.