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  • A Flush-Framed Floor to Maximize Space

    Eliminating a dropped beam and a brick pier in a basement remodel required the use of steel and Microlams.

  • Q&A: Alternative Stair Design

    When building a house with a loft accessed by a code-compliant stair, does a second, unorthodox, stair that leads to the same loft space have to comply with code as well?

  • Soundproofing a Condo Stairwell

    Coastal Connection goes on site with New England Soundproofing in Boston’s South End to see how the crew soundproofs a wall separating a condo stairwell from the unit next door.

  • A Craftsman-Style Newel and Railing (Subscriber content)

    This unique newel and railing system was custom built on site from stock parts.

  • Framing Over a Complex Foundation, Part II (Subscriber content)

    This follow-up article to "Mudsill Layout for a Complex Foundation" describes techniques for framing the first-floor deck.

  • Weyerhauser’s SturdiStep OSB

    These squeak-free stair treads are manufactured with a low moisture content.

  • My pencil fits right into the notch and is centered on the layout.

    Framing a Curved Staircase

    Tim Uhler frames a curved freestanding stair and finds that it isn't as difficult as he anticipated.

  • Basement Stairs Transplant (Subscriber content)

    Stacking the basement stairs under the stairs to the second floor opens up the living space.

  • Landings for Deck Stairs

    Even though deck landings are usually part of the deck stairs, they should be built as if they are a separate small deck

  • Tips for Building a Double Winder Stair (Subscriber content)

    In building this double winder stair, remodeler Dave Holbrook used modular boxes to stack one tread and riser at a tim.

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