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    Installing Stair Railings

    A stair installer explains how to prefit the railing package in the shop for a flawless installation on site.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Preventing Cracks in Solid-Surface Countertops

    Preventing cracks in solid-surface counters

  • Backfill: Ten Steps to a More Colorful Future

    Need more color in your life? Try naming some.

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    Installing Manufactured Stairs

    A manufactured staircase can outstrip the site-built version in price and quality. A custom builder takes us into the stair shop and onto the job site for a firsthand look.

  • Q&A: Exterior Stair Riser Heights

    Q: I’m building an exterior stairway from a deck to grade. Is there a building code requirement that the risers of an exterior stairway all be the same height?

  • Notebook

    International code finally a reality; housewrap performance; OSHA takes on repetitive stress; innovative temporary shelter

  • By Design: Handsome Handrails

    Designing elegant deck rails

  • Durable Exterior Details

    This quality-conscious remodeler describes the materials, finishes, and installation techniques that keep the exteriors of his jobs looking good.

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    Trimming out Stairs

    Site-built staircases are an important part of many medium-budget projects. In this step-by-step guide, a stair specialist describes how to lay out, cut and install treads, risers, and elegant post-to-post stair railings using stock parts.

  • Building Distinctive Decks

    A deck specialist explains the details that make his work stand apart from the competition.

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