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    Hitachi C12LSH sliding compound miter saw; circular saws; back-savers

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    Framing a Spiral Staircase

    Painstaking layout made it possible to build this lighthouse stair with standard framing tools

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    Framing an Elliptical Staircase

    Recently, my friend Nick Ridge and I took on a job in Northern California that had an interesting challenge — an elliptical staircase with a self-supporting inside stringer.

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    Keeping Up With the Munsters

    Moving stairs

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    Making Guardrails Look Good

    An exterior guardrail presents an opportunity to explore a house's design themes in detail. All too often, designers and builders opt for an ill-considered stock railing that technically performs the guardrail function but neglects the spirit of the building it serves.

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    Installing an Over-the-Post Handrail - Part II

    Loose-fitting dowels and five-minute epoxy allow fine adjustments in the assembly.

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    Building paper; backpriming decks; newel layout

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    Door hardware; manufactured stairs; closets & accessories

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    Installing an Over-the-Post Handrail - Part One

    Simple-to-make railing stands allow accurate assembly right in position.

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    Outdoor Detour

    Girder truss to the rescue; outdoor detour

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